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Song learning/writing

What I need to learn your drum parts:

- midi drum track (preferably with encrypted tempo or a separate click track)
- audio drum track isolated or with guitars, recorded to a metronome or at least not all over the place tempo-wise.

If there's a problem regarding those files let me know we'll try to figure it out. When you ask me to create drum parts for your song, you will receive a programmed drums sketch for approval before recording.


Payment Conditions

An order execution begins when client makes an advance payment. If your material is 1-2 songs I take 100% cost upfront. If you want me to record 3 or more songs I need an advance payment equal to 50% of the order cost unless client wishes to pay more. After client receives files they have 5 days for feedback. Client tries to give feedback as quick as possible to notify about approval or possible corrections. Each order is usually recorded within 2-4 weeks depending on my schedule. I usually give an estimate and we work out best conditions for you.


Price depends on the number, length and difficulty of songs. It is roughly between 80-100 Euro per song. If you have more than 3 songs then the price is negotiated individually. I can also record a playthrough video of your song and promote in on my social media platforms. Price is roughly 100-120 Euro.

My recording input list

01 – Kick drum mic - Sennheiser e 602 II (only for orders with songs under 220 BPM)
02 – Kick drum trigger
03 – Snare drum top mic - Shure SM57
04 – Snare drum bottom mic - Shure SM57
05 - Tomtom 1 mic - Sennheiser e604
06 - Tomtom 2 mic - Sennheiser e604
07 - Tomtom 3 mic - Sennheiser e604
08 - Floortom 1 mic - Sennheiser e604
09 - Floortom 2 mic - Sennheiser e604
10 - Hihat cymbal mic - Beyerdynamic TG I53
11 - Ride cymbal mic - Beyerdynamic TG I53
12 - Overhead left mic - Rode NT5
13 - Overhead center mic - Rode NT5
14 - Overhead right mic - Rode NT5
15 - Room mic - Rode NT5

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