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     Aside from practicing my own drum craft and being a session recording/live drummer, I have devoted the past couple years to drum teaching. I've became more and more passionate about guiding musicians on all levels in surpassing their limits. I always need my students to understand how 90% of their development relies on the time they put into their drumming after class. A well adjusted practice program is extremely beneficial in key aspects of your progress:

SKILLS - you build your speed, stamina, control

MONITORING - you can see your progress and advance with your routine difficulty efficiently

MOTIVATION - by noticingthe skill growth you get further motivated

     I can guide you with the training programs I have devised and tested on myself for over 8 years and applied for my students with great success. My coaching program is a more personalized form of drum teaching with the emphasis on you taking your own time to practice following the plan tailored to your skills, needs and goals, and me monitoring your progress. We will meet two times in a month for a lesson. I will a create a plan for you depending on how much time you want to put daily into drumming. 3 hours? Fine. 1 hour? No problem. Just stay honest to yourself and great things will happen!

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- an individual training plan for a whole month (firstly we meet for a 30-minute video talk to know your skills, goals and practice time)
- a written down training plan (max. 4-hours)
- you receive Guitar Pro/PDF files and a memo what to focus on/avoid

- time duration clues for each exercise

- 2 live lessons each month to check your progress

- all my video courses I've released up to this point

(if you bought my courses earlier you get a discount. write me)

- 24/7 contact with me, ASAP responses

First month costs 150€ . Continuation is 100

(includes 2 lessons and a monthly personalized training plan)

Write me for the COACHING PROGRAM

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